The fastest, smartest charging station for any electric car.

A Charging Solution for Everywhere

Regardless of your situation, there is a Volt Time for everywhere! Discover more below.

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Source for Home

Powerful charging solutions for your driveway to get you back onto the road in no time. Enjoy the benefits of fast Smart Charging and safe Load Balancing.

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Source for VvE

Dynamic safety functionality built in, with invoicing and reimbursement options through MID certified meters and full OCPP functionality.


Source for Business

Full scalability through modular CSMS configurations and RCD safety components built in. Full OCPP options and entirely free of simlock.

Smart, smarter, smartest

But simple, too. With Volt Time | Source, you are prepared for the future and travel worry-free and cost-effectively, with any electric car.



Maximum speed

Fast charging up to 22kW at home. Most cars are fully charged within two hours!



Load Balancing

As soon as more power is available, for instance because your dishwasher turns off, the Source will charge faster! This way, you will use every last bit of available power.



Solar Balancing

Delivering solar power back to the grid will cost money. Whenever you want, the Source will charge on solar power only so you save every penny.



Automatic reimbursement

Whether you drive a business lease or you want to make your charger available for the public, all invoicing and billing is done automatically.



Dutch product

Source is produced entirely on Dutch soil and is certified in the Netherlands. The highest quality is assured.


About Us

A young venture with the mission to inspire the world of EV Charging. Through advanced technology, Volt Time pushes forward to deliver safe and fast charging with premium quality and functionality.

Our phone lines are open!

Whether you would like to discover more about our Source charger, or require technical troubleshooting, don't hesitate to reach out!

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